Your business is our starting point

We first understand your business and your challenges. And then we look at the opportunities that sustainability – or plain, high-quality consulting – has to offer in your specific context. How we do this? Workshops, strategic dialogues, dashboard & metrics, SDG-roadmaps, inspiration talks, quick-scans – we are experienced with a variety of tools and modes to help youContact us to find out how we can tailor our approach and engagement to the context, content and way of working that fits best with your company 

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The meaning and value of sustainability in a business context

We find the original, ecology-derived definition of sustainability well-fitting for business. It states: 

“The abilities and properties of systems to remain diverse and productive indefinitely” 

this holds 4 relevant take-aways for companies that pursue all-round, long-term success: 

Integral view: you are part of a complex stakeholder field and value chain. It is about the ability of entire systems to remain diverse and productive, so an integral view is needed to understand interdependencies and causalities. 

Levels of excellence: we have captured these levels of excellence. There are properties and abilities that enable sustainability, therefore there must be levels of excellence: some companies are better at this than others, and we can learn from the best.

Long-term, ongoing endurance: what if it would never stop?”. There is no time horizon; sustainability implies ongoing endurance.

Four domains, 4Psstriking the right balance in Planet-People-Profit-Participation leads to durable outcomes. he level of human involvement in systems requires addressing the four key domains in human society to achieve sustainable development: I) Ecology àPlanet; II) Culture à People; III) Economy à Profit; IV) Politics à Participation. 

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How we create value for and with you

In working with us, clients appreciate our openness, out-of-box solutions and pragmatic way of working. With our methods and proven recipe for success, we anticipate where the opportunities might be. 

Still, the specific way towards impact is different for each company and challenge. Some prefer a collaborative approach with their teams, some prefer us to pioneer and guide on the journey. Either way, we’ll make sure that you can sustain whatever the outcome and impact is. Whether a ‘kick-start workshop’, a life-cycle assessment, an SDG-dashboard with metrics and KPIs, an investor packa ‘sustainable opportunity quick-scan or implementation plan/support…  

We bring tangible deliverables. Explore them further under “What we do 

Don’t just take our word for it…

Sounds nice? Don’t take our word for it…: 

  • Contact us to learn what this could look like for your specific challenge 
  • See what our clients and partners have to say about the impact of working with us
  • Be inspired and learn through our ‘sustainable front-runners & pioneers’ series

Behind the scenes: the methods we have developed to make sustainability actionable and valuable for business

To reflect business as our starting point, as well as our integral view of sustainability, we have developed several methodologies : 

  • Value Creation Loop: a ‘circular-proof’ model that covers the why, how, what and with whom of how businesses create value  
  • Sustainability Visor: our integral view, linked to the 17 UN SDGs and made relevant for business through 4Ps: Planet, People, Profit, Participation 
  • ‘Sustainable business maturity’ Stages of Excellence framework: …  
  • Return on Sustainability: our ground-breaking ‘single measure’ of as-is sustainable business performance 
    • The combination of ROS as “present” measure and the “predictive” measure of Sustainable business maturity, give a clear picture of impact today, expectation for tomorrow and strategic guidance on where to focus to make even more impact  

Learn more about these methods through our Wearth Pioneers series (structured in line with our methodology), or by exploring our insights section. 

Or contact us directly to get started today