Why we do this

In short? For the love of business. We love the dynamics within and between organizations. Businesses prosper when they become integrally sustainable. Such companies continuously outperform their competitors in the long run. What’s in it for me. We made it our mission to companies achieve a positive Return on Sustainability. We’ve learned how that impact can be achieved in both the long and the short term.

We use the skills we honed in management consulting, business roles and as entrepreneurs to deliver the best of all worlds: top-tier consulting to build lasting strategies that deliver positive impact.

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Companies we are helping

We are here for any business with an ambition to have a long term positive impact. And that doesn’t mean we expect you to start a major revolution (but if you do – we’ve got your back). We are there for starters on this journey who are trying to figure out what sustainability means for them, within their context. We help companies that have made some progress, and are figuring out how to best to make it work. And we are there for the front runners who are eager to stay ahead of the game, spread their impact and be challenged and supported on their journey. 

Our customers include family-owned business and corporates: any company that has a long term scope and  a desire to make an impact immediately.


Subjects that we help our clients with include:

Financial service providers

Optimising long-term procurement returns

Tapping into circular business models

Creating resilient supply chains

Facilitating board room decision making

Making sustainability work

A selection of industries in which we are active: 

Financial service providers

Food & agriculture